CRM Administrator

When you need full or part time support on a budget, we can act as an outsourced CRM manager.

Support for your business

With the CRM Administrator service we work for you as one of your team to support your business.

On-going development

Part of our role is to help you develop and grow your CRM to deliver more value to the business.

Onboarding and training for staff

We will also onboard and train new staff so that they hit the ground running and provide tailored online training.

Optimising your system

We will also proactively manage your CRM to optimise performance.
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How this works

When we become your CRM manager, we allocate several days or hours each week which you own in our diary. We agree and update a schedule of works and we are available to support and train your users.

Document your system

The starting point is to fully audit and document your current ZOHO system. Not only will this enable us to support you, but it will also become an invaluable resource for you and safeguard the system for the future.

Develop your CRM

We will agree and update a schedule of works to develop your current system using the STEPWise™ process, in a series of easy to implement and use steps that deliver real value in days.

Support your staff

We will provide a tailored online learning resource for your staff to underpin face to face workshops. In addition we will respond to staff queries and manage their onboarding.

Get a ZOHO expert on your team to be your CRM manager and support your users

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