ZOHO CRM for Startup Businesses

CRM software for Startup Businesses

ZOHO CRM for Startup Businesses backed with professional help and support

What CRM do I need for a startup business?

A CRM for Startup Businesses must deliver a mighty punch at an affordable price, and BIGIN comes with unrivaled functionality for less than £10 per month

How do startup businesses generate more leads?

A CRM for Startup Businesses needs to generate the leads you need to grow your business. So integration with email marketing and social media platforms is important. 

How can I convert more leads to sales and business?

A CRM for Startup Businesses must help you convert leads to real business by helping you to organise yourself more effectively and automate your responses to inquiries.

Where can I find help with my CRM at a price I can afford?

You need to get the very best out of your CRM from day one and that is made easier if you have professional help and a friendly ear.

Support for ZOHO Bigin

CRM Software for Businesses on a budget

BIGIN powers ZOHO for Startup Businesses, and it is a surprisingly feature-rich and easy-to-use CRM system for businesses on a budget. That means you can capture and manage your leads and then close them to generate more business.

ZOHO Bigin also helps you promote your business because its is integrated with email marketing software, and comes with automation for following-up enquires.

Professional support for ZOHO Bigin

Getting professional support to set up  ZOHO Bigin  will deliver results faster because we have done this before

Online training Course for ZOHO Bigin

ZOHO for Startup Businesses training gives you need to make the best use of ZOHO Bigin with this online training course.

I show you how to use Bigin to generate more leads, and manage those that you get effectively. This course also explains how to organise your time better so that you can focus more on your business.

Know how to drive success and grow your business 

ZOHO for Startup Businesses Training Course

This training course is delivered online so that it fits in with your availability while you are busy growing your business

How do I setup ZOHO Bigin?

You need a clear plan to set up Bigin effectively and start getting results from day one. This plan steps you through the stages you must go through to implement the software properly.

The Plan comes as part of the ZOHO Bigin pack and comes with our online support to answer any questions and help you where you need guidance.

ZOHO Bigin Setup Plan

We can step you through how to set up ZOHO Bigin so that its starts delivering from day one

How do I get ZOHO Bigin Working?

My support along with online training and the Bigin Setup Plan is the easy way to make sure you have set the software up in the most effective way for your business.

This complete pack is provided at a price point that the smallest business with the tightest budget can afford, and is spread over six months 

ZOHO Bigin Starter Pack

This starter pack delivers more leads and more business for just £30 per month over six months

Support for Small Businesses using CRM

Where can I get Support for CRM as a Small Business?

It is hard for small businesses on a tight budget to get professional support for their CRM. And yet you need this support more than established firms. That is because you need results fast and the automation that takes the time and effort out of managing your leads, contacts and accounts.

Why do I provide this support when so many CRM consultants are uninterested? It’s because I follow an approach of investing in you before you invest in me. In truth, the Bigin Pack costs me money. But I know that if you use Bigin correctly you will grow your business, and that means we will have a long-term valuable relationship.

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