Service Packs

Get a lower rate for the CRM technical support you will need in the future, by pre purchasing Service Credit packs at a discount.

Pre purchase ZOHO CRM technical support credits at a discount

Purchase service credits at a discount then use them as you need to over the next six months.

Get full value for the work done

We offer service credits for work rather than fixed price which means if we take less time than anticipated you can use these credits for future jobs.

Get ongoing support without a Service Contract

Where you want ongoing support but don’t want a support contract you can use service credits to just pay for work done.

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CRM Technical Support Service Packs

How this works

You agree to purchase a number of service credits in a wallet. Each service credit is equivalent to half an hours work and the more you purchase the cheaper these become.

Service Pack 10

Pre purchasing 10 service credits would suit a microbusiness on a tight budget. You are likely to do a lot of the work yourself but need some specialist help from time to time.

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Save £50

Service Pack 20

Service Pack 20 would suit a business with a ZOHO development project which is being managed in house. This provides 10 hours of additional expert support for those tricky problems you need to overcome.

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Save £200

Service Pack 40

This could be an alternative to a support contract for those on a budget but know they will need on going support and advice.

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Save £300

Get ZOHO jobs done for less by pre-purchasing Service Credits

When you don’t know how much support you need but only want to pay for the support you get, then service credits are for you.

You can keep your costs down too, because by purchasing these in advance we can offer preferential rates.

NB you must use these credits within six months and there is no refund.

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