CRM Software for Small Businesses

Small business CRM software.

How can I manage leads more effectively?

If you haven't got any prospects, you haven't got any prospects. So manage your leads and focus on those that will generate the sales your business needs.

How can I close more sales?

Plan your work and work your plan with ZOHO CRM's sales tools and close more of the business you should be closing

How can I get more organised?

Make it easier to manage tasks so that you never forget and always deliver what you promise

How can I spend less time on administration?

Get away from managing your business with spreadsheets and reduce the time and cost of administration by up to 65%

ZOHO CRM Software

How do I set ZOHO CRM Up for a Small Business

When managing a small business, you haven’t got the time or the money for the usual consultancy lead and expensive project. And you need to get results fast.

That’s why we split your CRM projects into smaller steps that can be delivered quickly and cheaply with measurable results.

And you don’t need to pay for the whole project. Instead, you can pay just for each step at a time at a pace that suits your business.

Get my ZOHO CRM set up on a budget

Making ZOHO CRM work for A Small Business

The normal consultancy approach makes ZOHO CRM far to complicated. That means you can easily lose your way and end up not using the system at all

I keep ZOHO CRM simple. In 95% of cases you don’t need expensive customisation and coding which is where consultants make their money.

We use the standard tools that come with the software instead, keeping your costs down and making the software easier to use

ZOHO CRM for Small Businesses.

How do I get ZOHO CRM working for my Small business

When you follow the normal consultancy route you get a very sophisticated solution with all sorts of bells and whistles. These all sound great at the time, but they make the system difficult to use in practice.

I deliver simple and practical CRM tools by focusing on your business needs. That’s because I am far more interested in these than clever technology “looking for a problem to solve”. 

How can I make ZOHO CRM easy to use?

Where can I get support for my ZOHO CRM

I don’t just set up your ZOHO CRM and walk away. My business model is based on our working together for many years. And you will only do that if ZOHO CRM is working for you.

So I also offer a range of affordable services and support packs designed for small businesses that may be working on a budget.

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You need tools that keep working and keep giving

I invest in you before you invest in me

ZOHO CRM Consultancy for Small Businesses

Most CRM Consultants are looking for big bucks from big clients. I am looking for big relationships with special clients that last for years. That is why I am prepared to invest in you before you invest in me.

I spend a lot of time and effort getting to know you and your unique business, your plans for the future, and how you intend to get there. Why? Because I want to be part of that future with you.

That’s why Stepwise starts long before you have spent any money, with an in-depth analysis of your current processes and working with you and your team to find improvements. Then I create a plan of steps (mini projects) with clear and transparent costs for each.

Only then do you decide whether to invest? Because by then, we will both know whether we have the special relationship we both want.

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