Peace of mind support

When CRM is critical to your business you need to know that ZOHO CRM support support is there when you need it. Just like the AA when your car breaks down, we are at the end of the phone to get you back on the road with your CRM.

Service Level Agreement to give you security

You will know that support will be with you to start working on any issue within four hours.

Secure your investment

Keep getting the best value from your CRM and other ZOHO apps with proactive support to make sure you and your people continue to use them and delivering value.

Access to learning materials

You will get exclusive access to resources and training for you and your people.

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How this works

Pay for what you get


The standard support contract is ideal for small businesses where your use of CRM is relatively light touch. Your system will be documented and the focus is on maintaining Business as Usual. At this level we will also limit contact with one person in your organisation. Our fair use policy is that you should only need 6 hrs support month on month.



This is for a larger setting than standard and where you are seeking to improve your use of the system. It is likely that you will be managing a larger setting or a team and require more than one contact. The fair use policy is that you should only need 12hrs support month on month.



This is intended for clients who are engaged in developing their CRM system and so may require higher levels of support from time to time. You may also be managing a team. The fair use policy is that you should only need 21hrs support month on month.


Peace of mind that ZOHO will keep working for you and get fixed fast

Do you rely on your ZOHO working when you need it and want the peace of mind to know that an expert is on call if anything should go wrong?

Like breakdown cover on your car, you know that there is an expert available who will respond quickly to any problem or emergency that you may have.

That is what you get with our support contract.

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