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Marketing tools for Small Businesses

Marketing Software for Small Businesses

How can I run effective marketing campaigns with a limited budget

When you have a limited budget, you need to be smart with your money. That means being organized and working to a plan. The marketing tools from ZOHO make that easier by joining up all your apps into one platform

What marketing software do I need as a small business

When you haven't got the time to learn how to use complicated marketing applications, you need something intuitive and effective. The ZOHO marketing platform is designed to be user-friendly while delivering a powerful punch

How can I know what works and what doesn't in marketing

The ZOHO marketing platform joins up your marketing with a powerful CRM so that you can track how many actual sales came from each campaign. Then, you can use that information to choose the marketing spend that does work and avoid wasting money on others.

How can small businesses  generate more leads 

When you are running a small business you are spending all your time, fighting fires and delivering for your clients. That leaves little time for generating leads until the business dries up. This feast-and-famine scenario can be avoided by automating your marketing with the ZOHO Marketing Suite.

Marketing Tools for Business

Automated Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

When running a small business, there are not enough hours in the day.

ZOHO marketing software takes the time and effort out of generating leads. It does that by joining up all your marketing apps, such as email, social media, and web tools, on a single platform. That means they talk to each other out of the box.

I support you in setting these up and optimizing the automation available to make them work for you so that you can focus on working in your business.

Integrated marketing tools for small businesses

Email Marketing for Small Businesses

ZOHO Campaigns offers a complete email marketing platform to rival any other well-known apps.

But it comes as part of a single platform of other apps from ZOHO, such as CRM, web tools, online forms, surveys, social media, and more. All of these are fully integrated from day one.

For example, your email campaigns can be integrated with your website and CRM so that you can automate the entire journey for your prospect, from clicking on a web link in an email to closing the business.

CRM Marketing Tools

Know what Marketing is working and what isn't

It can be challenging to know what part of your marketing spend is delivering results and what isn’t. That is made more difficult if different tools are used for emails, social media, surveys, online forms, and CRM.

That isn’t a problem with ZOHO, which offers a fully integrated suite of marketing apps on a  single platform. That is also backed by a robust Business Intelligence tool that can identify which marketing campaigns are worth investing in and which aren’t

Marketing Analysis Tools

Tools to Manage Client Journeys?

ZOHO Marketing Hub takes another step forward for the more sophisticated small business marketer. 

Marketing Hub comes with ZOHO One, which packages up ZOHO’s entire complement of apps. The Hub is a SINGLE marketing tool that combines all the functionality you would find in much more expensive software costing many £000’s.

But Marketing Hub comes at a price point that is within reach for the smallest budget.

Full Marketing Automation for Small Businesses

Support for ZOHO Marketing

ZOHO Marketing Tools are designed to be intuitive for business people who aren’t technical wizards. However, learning your way around anything more than the basics takes time. The time that small business people like you don’t have.

So it makes sense to ask someone like me, who has five years of experience in setting up these tools, to get them working the way they should from day one. My fees can be as little as £40 an hour, and I can accomplish more in that hour than you may be able to in 2 days of frustration. I know where all the buttons are.

But more than that, I come with an extensive background in Marketing. Not only have I held various marketing manager and director roles, but the CIM and IDM have also accredited me. That means my advice extends well beyond simply implementing the software.

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