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Do you need support to develop your ZOHO One platform at a cost that makes sense for your business? If so, ZOHO One support could be for you!

Do you need to integrate all your business apps to get a single view of the truth?

An unrivalled bundle of every app your business needs from sales and marketing through inventory and finance with everything in between all pre integrated to provide a single vision of the truth

Do you need to see a return on your investment fast?

Our unique STEPWise implementation plan starts delivering tangible results from as little as two weeks

Will your team need to be at the heart of any implementation?

As an accredited change manager I have experience in managing transitions and change to ensure your people adopt and even embrace THEIR system

Is this an investment for the long term that needs to keep giving?

You and key users will be able to join our ZOHO Community of others who are using the same apps to share experiences with proactive advice and ZOHO One support from me including hints and tips

ZOHO One Support

All your business apps

The ZOHO One platform includes over 40 market-leading applications for every area of your business so that you will never have to buy another. The key here is, because they are on a single platform, they not only already talk to each other, but you have a single supplier, so you don’t get bounced from one app provider to the other.

Single joined up vision

Powerful Business Intelligence

ZOHO One comes with a powerful Business Intelligence tool that gives you deep strategic insight into your business. You can use this to manage your business more profitably, combining information from different applications to see the big picture. E.g., Sales and Finance to monitor the profitability of sales and levels of inventory.

Intelligent Insightful Management

Cross functional processes

Bringing all your apps together also helps to prevent silo thinking and promotes collaborative working across the different business functions. As an example, bringing together inventory and sales means salespeople can see the current stock levels and potential delivery times for the products they sell. That improves customer relations and reduces credit control problems.

Collaborative working

Total Zoho One Support

Because we support all the apps you use in your business and therefore all the business functions, the support we can offer goes very deep because we also see the big picture for your business. We understand how the apps fit together and the impact of the advice we give.

One source of support

Efficient coordinated processes to drive value through your whole business

Most businesses are held back because the different business apps they use are not integrated. Each of them are functionally focused. E.g., marketing, sales, inventory, finance, projects.

That means they also often have different ways of defining data which makes reporting and analysis difficult.

ZOHO One solves these problems by providing all your functionally focused apps on a single integrated platform. It comes with a powerful Business Intelligence tool to bring them altogether.

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