ZOHO in Cornwall

Support for ZOHO in Cornwall

ZOHO Consultant in Cornwall

Grant funding for your ZOHO Projects

Grants are often available to fund your ZOHO projects and we can help you to submit successful applications through our partners

Zoho CRM Consultants in Cornwall

I have extensive knowledge and experience in implementing and supporting ZOHO CRM

ZOHO One consultants in Cornwall

I have been implementing a full range of ZOHO One apps for over five years. My business has been running since 2014

ZOHO Marketing consultants in Cornwall

I have extensive experience and knowledge of the ZOHO Marketing suite backed by accreditations from the CIM and the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing

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ZOHO Consultancy in Cornwall

Why local Support

When you live and work in Cornwall you can often feel cut off from the rest of the UK. This is partly a matter of geography because the County is very long.

That means getting personal, face-to-face support is both expensive and hard to find. Expensive because ZOHO Consultancy is often provided by partners from outside the West Country. 

Hard to find because these larger Partners are focused on larger businesses that can afford large fees.

Until now

Support for ZOHO in Cornwall

ZOHO in Cornwall

Your business in Cornwall is likely to be smaller and often far away from its clients. It is also likely to be an IT or Creative business with clients you need to travel to reach. Perhaps you rely instead on modern communications such as video conferencing.

In short, the business software you need is likely to be Digital and delivered and connected across all devices. That means you can access your information on the move, from home or at the office.

ZOHO is the ideal platform for you because it is digitally native, and accessible on the move.


Digital Transformation for Small Businesses

Support for ZOHO Marketing in Cornwall

The ZOHO Marketing Platform for small businesses is ideal for your business and gives you a mighty punch at a price point you can afford.

The integrated platform helps you reach your clients across the UK with its joined-up approach to email, social media, website, SEO, and other channels. That means you can create coherent “client journeys.”

My previous experience in marketing and formal training by the CIM and IDM means I am ideally placed to support you.


ZOHO Marketing Support in Cornwall

Funding for ZOHO in Cornwall

Cornwall attracts a lot of Central and Local Government funding because the County has many deprived and underdeveloped areas. We hope this will replace the EU funding, which is already fully subscribed and will be withdrawn shortly.

But these funding rounds are often over-subscribed, so you need to get your application ready and your ear to the ground.

I can help in both respects through my partners, who are experts in helping businesses like yours make successful applications.

Help with funding for ZOHO in Cornwall

Delivered now. Delivering for your future

ZOHO support in the West Country

I moved to the West Country in 2021 after running a successful ZOHO Partnership in Kent. But I previously ran a business through Devon and Cornwall with clients in Falmouth, Camborne, and St Austell, to name but three towns in the County.

My focus has always been on small businesses and a commitment to serving them long-term by building solid relationships.

This is a typical comment from one of my clients “Nick is not a supplier or consultant. He is a true team member and always has our best interests at heart. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any business” Steve Ody, Practice Manager Finance.

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