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What is CRM

What is CRM   When we discuss CRM, we often refer to specific CRM Database Applications like ZOHO, Hubspot, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and others. These

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February Executive Briefing

Relationship Marketing Marketing beyond customers   Not just customers Marketing is often about attracting customers (clients) and generating leads by pushing a message to them

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People don’t buy what you sell

Anecdotally, as much as businesses talk about being client centric and valuing their clients, what they do is product centric and designed to extract as much value as they can from their clients. Their not so hidden purpose is to maximise shareholder value through finding more people to buy wh…

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Think in circles and thrive not just survive

The problem is, that as human beings we think in straight lines – cause and effect – while reality happens in circles. If you are going to truly thrive through these difficult times, then you need to break out of this linear world. Fans of Peter Senge will recognise this as Systems Thin…

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Why you do CRM

Every business including yours does CRM whether they have a CRM system or not. Its just a question of whether they do it well or badly. That is because you don’t have a business if you haven’t got CLIENTS, and the value of your business – even its very survival – depends on the value of…

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